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CM7, Miui, Phiremod - What's the Difference?
01-25-2012, 11:03 PM (This post was last modified: 10-18-2012 01:02 AM by androidfornook.)
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CM7, Miui, Phiremod - What's the Difference?
UPDATE: 10/18/12: AFN is no longer offering Phiremod. It is a slightly modified CM7 and we feel CM7.2 is a much better product. For an alternative to CM7, check out Miui (info below) or our new offering: JOY - check it out:

So you see that AndroidForNook is offering 3 different "flavors" of AndroidForNook micro SD cards: CyanogenMod 7, ver 2.1.20, and Phiremod 7.1. Are they all that different? No, not really because they all are based on Android 2.3.7, or also known as "Gingerbread". For your information, Android 3.0 is "Honeycomb" and Android 4.0 is "Ice Cream Sandwich". Those guys at Google definitely have a sweet tooth. Tongue

Android 101:

Android is an open source operating system based on Linux. Google has provided the source code to phone and tablet manufacturers who in-turn make modifications to the source code to fit their product and add or take away features as they see fit. The manufacturers in-turn may or may not make their code available to the user community to make further refinements and modifications. These user-developers usually form a group around a single product (in this case Nook Color) and spend many, many hours of their own free time creating their own versions of the source code, called "ROMs".

I am not going to go into all the ins and outs of each version we offer, since I would be retelling what you probably have come across in your own research, and besides, why recreate what is readily available. At the bottom of each description, I will provide links to the developer forums for each version. The short story:

CyanogenMod 7: Visiting the website, you'll see there is a CM7 version of Android available for nearly all Android based devices. Phones and tablets have different hardware which create functional limitations for CM7 which are particular for each device. That's why one-size does not fit all and there are so many different developments of CM7. Cyan is the color blue and that is the theme of this ROM. It is fantastic...tons of features that I still haven't had the time to go through, but in short CM7 unlocks the Bluetooth capability of the Nook and the included kernel and built in application in the settings menu lets you ramp up the speed in various combinations of performance all the way from the stock 800 MHz to 1200 MHz. That can be a significant improvment for CPU intensive applications like video and some games.
XDA Forum

Phiremod ver 7.1: Also based on CM7, Phiremod was created by ROM developer "Phiredrop". It is a very slick ROM, and has some visual enhancements and tweaks. It boots up very quickly. Phiredrop has discontinued development of this ROM for personal reasons, but this ROM is very stable and has a large fan base and is very popular. The instructions for setting up the CM7 and Phiremod cards are the same. Bluetooth and overclocking is available with Phiremod as well.

XDA Forum - This ROM for the Nook Color is also CM7 based along with U.S. translations of the Chinese ROM. Miui started as a Chinese development effort for Chinese smartphone users only, but made it's way to other devices and has grown into a worldwide community of developers, each working on a version of Miui for their specific device. a user familiar with CM7 can navigate easily through Miui and there are some very nice user-assist popups that make it even more enjoyable as you are swiping your way around. I really like all of the versions of AndroidForNook cards we offer and have a reason to use each one, but I find myself most frequently using the Miui version. It is very appealing visually and just plain fun to use. The development for the Nook Miui ROM is behind the current ROM but it is progressing very well. Bluetooth and overclocking is available with Miui as well, but you need to download a free CPU overclocking app - we use SetCPU. NOTE: Bluetooth in the Tablet is not functioning (yet). forum
XDA Forum

Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich:

There is a honeycomb ROM for the Nook Color, but development on it stopped several months ago. It is not complete and has bugs. Now that Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) is out, attention on creating a stable ROM for the Nook Color is in full swing. ICS will be offered as an AndroidForNook card as soon as a stable version is released.

Read more about AndroidForNook at our About Us page.

Phiremod PICS:

[Image: Phiremod-7.1.png]

[Image: phiremod-apps.png]


[Image: CM7.jpg]

[Image: CM7-2.jpg]


[Image: miui1.jpg]

[Image: miui2.jpg]
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